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Secrets to the… 
12 Week LIVE 
Realtor Tax Hacking System
Quick And Easy Ways To Maximize Deductions And Save Taxes While Satisfying CRA…Even If You Have No Idea About Deductions Or Bookkeeping!
Hi, Cherry Chan here.

I’m the founder of Wealth Hacker Academy.

I’m an entrepreneur, an accountant, a published author, a public speaker and a real estate investor. And most importantly, a wealth hacker.

Let me tell you about my story.

Eight years ago, I decided to go out on my own after years of boredom at my corporate job as a number cruncher. I was going to use the income from real estate to pay for the lifestyle I wanted.

So, I become a real estate agent and joined a real estate team.

I did very well that first year as a realtor or so I thought...

Even though I was trained as an accountant, I wasn’t prepared when it came tax time.

I didn’t know what type of receipts to keep. I didn’t know what type of expenses I can claim. I didn’t know how much of the deductions I could make. With my background, it wasn’t difficult for me to pick up the knowledge.

But the worst part was when I completed by tax return, I owed money I didn’t have! I had not factored in the taxes I had to pay so didn’t save any money for taxes owing.

What did I do? I had to go out and find two more deals to cover my HST and income tax owing.
This wasn’t supposed to happen.

This was a major wakeup call for me. It challenged me to research, learn and find answers for the many Realtors I work with.

What we don’t know can cost us - time, money and heartache.

It’s up to us to handle all the details. Is this what you’re facing?

You may be wondering, “Why do I need to know about tax deductions as I already have an accountant?”

Or “Why do I need to know about bookkeeping?” I already have someone doing the books.

As capable as your accountants and bookkeepers are, you’re the one in charge of your business…you are the one who will sign off on your tax returns.

If you ever get audited, you’re the one on the hook with CRA if things aren’t done properly.

Even if you don’t think you’ll be handling your books yourself… you should be educated enough to ask the right questions.

You should know enough to keep all the receipts, so you don’t have to pay a dime more than you’re legally required.

This got me thinking. As real estate agents and business owners, our lives are very busy.
Is It All Too Much?
The open houses… generating leads…the demands from clients… all the showings…the rush hour traffic…the long days from taking on too many deals…

Are you drowning in paperwork and need some help? Are you frustrated with not knowing what to deduct and how to do your books?

When it comes to tax time, are you spending too much time to figure out the tax deductions and bookkeeping?

Wouldn’t you rather spend this time getting new clients and developing relationships with your existing clients?

In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now.

It's learning to manage your back office.

Like many, you want to leverage your time and I understand that the back office is not the sexiest part of building your business.

It’s still very important to get things done and get them done right.

You certainly don’t want CRA to be knocking on your door.

And if you're a Realtor who wants to get their paperwork in order and make sure you are not paying a dime more than what you are legally required, then THIS is exactly what you're looking for.

All you have to do is set up the same kind of System I use…

And that’s what I’m going to walk you through…

I’m going to tell you precisely how to get your back office in order using my 5 Minute Daily Ritual.

And more importantly…

How you can do it yourself.

I’ll explain everything you need to know. We’ll start you off on the right track.
And once you have everything set up — it only takes a few minutes a day to maintain!

Now, let me be completely transparent here.

Your well-run tax hacking system doesn’t happen right from the get-go. Like any system, you’re going to have to spend some time getting started — and that includes:
  • Finding out what deductions you can make to save taxes…
  • Putting your documents in order…
  •  Setting up your system based on my 4 Step Realtor Tax Hacking Road Map… 
  •  Putting in place a 5 Minute Daily Ritual to make your life easier…
But don’t worry. My team and I will help you every step of the way.
This 12 Week LIVE Realtor Tax Hacking System is a result of the feedback I received from Realtors I met through the years.

Some didn’t know where to start…what to claim and what not to claim while others had an idea but didn’t know how to approach it.
This Is What I’ll Show 
YOU How to Do
That’s why I’m so excited to be talking to you today.
I’ll show you step-by-step how you can set up your back office with the 12 Week LIVE Realtor Tax Hacking System.

Starting on June 11th, every week for 12 weeks on a one-hour LIVE webinar you’ll have my undivided attention. We’ll do a deep dive into the program.

I’ll go through all my tips, tricks and strategies that I use myself in my practice and many more that I’ve learned in my 15 years as an Accountant.

You’ll have a chance to ask your questions during these sessions.

The program is divided into three sections:

Section 1 We’ll first spend some time going through the deductions.
  • Why do you need to know about deductions, especially, if you already have an accountant who does this for you? I’ll spend some time addressing the general standards, so you are educated even though you’re working with an accountant.
  •  The first thing you’ll need to know is what you can deduct?  
  •   - I’ll walk you through the top deductions that you shouldn’t miss.
  •  As a Realtor, you use your car to show clients the different properties so how do you deal with automobile expenses? 
  •   - What apps can you use to track your mileage? 
  •  And how about those gift cards? How much of it can you deduct? 
  •  What about rebates to clients? Referral fees? Can you deduct these expenses? 
  •  You also work from home most of the time. Can you deduct a portion of the home office expense? 
  •  I’ll address all the common questions I get asked when working with many real estate agents.   
Section 2 We’ll focus on the best practices for back office management. 
Some questions you may have: 
  • What are your filing obligations? How about tax installments? Do you have to pay tax installments all the time? 
  • What kind of system should you be putting in that would minimize the time you need to spend on doing your books? 
  •  What documents should you be keeping? And for how long?  
  •  What do you give to your accountant?   
  •  How do you avoid getting audited by CRA?   
Section 3 We’ll be going through scenarios and case studies to track income and expenses in Excel and QuickBooks. 
  • Is Excel good enough when you’re just starting out or should you be using QuickBooks right out of the gate?
  •  Where do you get started when using QuickBooks?
  •  I’ll guide you through the entire process using my 4 Step Realtor Tax Hacking Road Map. You’ll see how easy it is to get started with my tips and tricks.
  •  When should you hire a bookkeeper? How much does it cost? I’ll provide some insights into what to expect and the kind of costs you’re looking at.
  •  How about if you don’t want to do the books yourself? Or you already have someone who manages it for you? You’ll know what to do and how to manage the person you’ve hire.
This is only a fraction of what you’ll be learning. 

Connect with Your Peers
You’ll be invited to join our Private Facebook Support Group – Realtor Tax Hacking System where you can connect with your peers while learning and supporting each other. You may gain insights you’ve never thought of before. 

My team and I will be supporting you each step of the way. We’ll be answering your questions on the Private Facebook Group as you go through this program.

And to make sure you don't miss one single word of it — you’ll get access to the recording of each webinar and printable versions of every webinar slide for easy “anytime” viewing.

That’s not all there is…

There’s also the:
Bonus Live Webinar
Should I Incorporate? 
  • Can real estate agents incorporate? If so, how?
  • Do I need to make over $250K gross commission income to make it worthwhile? 
  • What is the tax benefit of setting up a corporation? 
  • How to pay as little as 12.5% corporate tax on my Realtor income? 
  • How to split income with my spouse and my children?
100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Give the System a try. Put it to the test. Come to the first TWO sessions. And if it doesn't provide value to you, you'll get every penny back.  Just email my team before the 3rd session and we'll refund your money no questions asked.

Talk about a worry-free test drive. There's no risk to you whatsoever.

This is the most common question I receive. In this one hour long live webinar, I’ll be going through:

Cherry Chan's expertise has been invaluable in many ways, both for me personally, as well as for many of our clients. Her in depth knowledge of tax from a Real Estate perspective has been essential for enabling clients to grow their portfolio's much faster and more efficiently than if they were going at it alone.

She is constantly up dating her knowledge of changes within the tax environment to ensure her clients are making the best decisions for their business.

She is also a true expert on Real Estate corporate structures. She truly knows her stuff and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase Real Estate or running a small business.
James Maggs
Real Estate Investor
“I can’t believe how much Cherry Chan has helped with my real estate investing adventure. I was one of her first clients. 

She is a huge asset to my team and had a profound effect on my life – living my life on my terms.
Thank you so much Cherry, you are the best. I’m with you forever. Thank you!” 
Karming Charrey 
Real Estate Investor
What’s It Cost?
As you can see, this program will be jam-packed with a ton of amazing information…

Now, as you can imagine, this type of program is not cheap.

The program makes it simple for you to:
  • Save time when your back office is set up
  •  Save taxes as you’ll know what to deduct 
  •  Spend more time with clients 
  •  Avoid CRA audits 
  •  Make more money 
  •  Have more fun with family and friends. 
... and much, MUCH more!
And what makes this even better?

After you’re done with this program, you’ll know what to do.

Which also means you're not stuck feeling like you spend more time doing the paperwork rather than spending time with your clients and your prospects.

If I told you that I could help you save thousands of dollars in taxes, pay your share of the taxes and not a penny more to CRA while having peace of mind?

What would you do?

May be train for a marathon, play golf, travel the world, write poetry, sail a boat to some sun-soaked island far away…

Or spend more time with your kids or have date night with your spouse… or make more money…

So again, if you're a Realtor who wants to get their business in order, understand this:
  •  Implementing the back office system IS the backbone of a successful business. 
  •  The program makes it easier than ever to organize your business and your books come tax time. 
  •  The system will position you as a professional and take your business to the next level. 
My 12 Week LIVE Realtor Tax Hacking System holds the key to success in your business.

Before continuing, let me tell you about my client’s experience.

My client was a new real estate agent at the time when we first started dating. His assistant at the time organized his receipts for him and entered everything using Excel.

Sound familiar?

He calculated his HST balance payable and filed it. He patted himself on the back for doing such a great job.

Before he knew it, he got a call from CRA’s HST department asking for an audit.

What the heck?

As it turns out he filed his tax return incorrectly. On his tax return, he was supposed to pay back the taxes owing but what he filed was for a refund.

If you ask for money back from CRA, you’re automatically at a higher risk of being audited. And sure enough, he got selected for an audit even after we submitted a correction.

What you don’t know can get you into trouble…

This incident may be considered minor in the grand scheme of things.

How about if it’s not minor? Sometimes, there are no second chances.

How much would you pay to learn the secrets to save taxes, save time, and have peace of mind?

With my 12 Week LIVE Realtor Tax Hacking Program, you’ll do just that.

Let’s recap.
When You Register You Will Get:
  • 12 LIVE one-hour webinar sessions with Cherry Chan. We’ll meet each week for 12 weeks starting on June 4th. ($6,700 Value)
  •  The 4 Step Realtor Tax Hacking Road Map - Get immersed in my simple to understand Road Map to bookkeeping success. I’ll share with you this Road Map that took me many years to refine. ($250 Value) 
  •  5 Minute Daily Ritual - Develop the success habit and know exactly what to do each day with these daily rituals that I use. ($50 Value) 
  •  Access to the Private Facebook Group Support during the program. Connect and learn from your peers. Post your questions on Facebook and we’ll answer them so you can keep the momentum going. ($1,200 Value)  
  •  Access to the Recording Anytime. You’ll have access to the printable webinar slides and recording of each webinar to listen to at your leisure.  
  •  Stuff DONE - Implement What You Learn As You Learn It – You’ll be able to put into practice what you learn each week and get your questions answered if you get stuck...so when you complete the program you’ll have your system DONE and ready to go!   
  •  Confidence and Peace of Mind - Having your system in place, knowing what to deduct and sleeping well at night knowing that CRA won’t be knocking on your door is priceless. 
  •  The Bonus LIVE Incorporation Webinar - You’ll learn about incorporation, the benefits and the 3 common corporate structures. ($550 Value) 
  •  And so much more...! 
I normally charge my clients more than $550 per hour for my time alone. The total value of the program would be over $8,750.

But of course, you won't pay $8,750…

Or $5,500…

Or even $2,200…

At $997 — The 12 Week LIVE Realtor Tax Hacking System is one of the best business investments you’ll ever make.

Through today’s exclusive offer, you’ll even have the option of paying by monthly installments.

Please hurry, this special price will be increasing to $1,297 on June 7.

That’s a savings of $300 if you act now!
WARNING! We’re only accepting 50 people into this program at this early bird price.
Avoid being disappointed as I don’t know when I’ll be offering the next live session.
To Your Success,

Cherry Chan, CPA, CA
Real Estate Accountant & Wealth Hacker

P.S.     Remember Your 100% Risk-Free Guarantee…

Give it a try. Put it to the test. Come to the first TWO sessions.   And if it doesn't provide value to you, you'll get every penny back. 

Talk about a worry-free test drive. There's no risk to you whatsoever.

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